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Late-Night Lately: Hosts (and Guest Hosts) Take on Halloween, Trump and Harassment in Hollywood

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Late-night hosts addressed the sexual harassment claim, and subsequent coming out as a gay man, made against Kevin Spacey throughout segments and monologues this week.

In a segment called “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That,” Trevor Noah was quick to joke about the backlash following Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp’s accusation against Spacey, in which he claimed the actor made a sexual advance toward him when he was only 14 years old.

“In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the house of cards is falling down around powerful men in Hollywood…literally,” joked the Daily Show host, referencing Spacey’s hit Netflix show. “Why is the twist always that Kevin Spacey is the bad guy?”

Commenting on the many Hollywood sexual harassment and assault claims emerging lately, Noah finished with, “Another day, another example of a man abusing his power.”

Meyers also addressed the Spacey scandal, but not without adding a quip about the president.

During The Opposition With Jordan Klepper, the host compared the rising number of sexual harassment and assault claims to the film industry itself.

“Of course, after Harvey Weinstein blew up, Hollywood couldn’t resist a sequel. They have no original ideas, and by the looks of this news right now, sexual harassment will have more installments than all the Saw movies and Fast and the Furious ones combined,” Klepper joked.

He proceeded to ridicule Spacey: “Maybe I did it, but also I’m coming out as gay. Can we focus on the gay part?” Many have been quick to criticize Spacey’s apology. GLAAD released a statement criticizing the actor and encouraging the public and media to focus on Rapp’s story of survival and courage to speak out against the House of Cards star.

On Wednesday’s Late Night With Seth Meyers, writer Jenny Hagel took jabs at Spacey’s controversial apology. “I’m gay and as a gay woman, I have a lot of problems with Kevin Spacey’s statement,” Hagel began in her segment entitled “A Lot of Problems.” “It is inappropriate to respond to an accusation of pedophilia by saying ‘I’m gay.’ “

Hagel asserted that coming out is a “courageous act of honesty,” but Spacey’s moment was used as a “justification for a crime.” “That’s why no one goes to court and says, ‘I plead gay’ or enters the legal term ‘gabeous corpus.'”

“Now you choose to live as a gay man after you threw us all under the bus? That’s like saying, ‘I told everyone you’re an asshole. Now I choose to come to your dinner party.’ Too late. You’re not invited,” Hagel explained. “The gay community has been made up of brave, brilliant people. … You’re not in the gay community. You’re in the creep community. Go celebrate creep pride and throw a little creep parade and leave us out of it.”

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