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Larry David-Hosted ‘SNL’ Resurrects Bernie Sanders Character

The show also featured a digital short with Aidy Bryant’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders channeling Demi Lovato.

Larry David hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend for the second time, alongside musical guest Miley Cyrus, and as expected, the show took on many of this week’s political headlines.

Following David’s controversial monologue, a The Price is Right skit started off the night, with “celebrity contestants” Bernie Sanders, Lil Wayne, Tilda Swinton and Chris Hemsworth, along with hosts Tony Bennett (played by Alec Baldwin) and Ariana Grande. David reprised his impersonation of Sanders for the skit, which he famously did during Donald Trump’s controversial hosting gig in November 2015 and again this past February, when Sanders himself appeared in a cameo.

“Thank you, it’s good to be here. I just want to say this show is a travesty, consumerism disguised as entertainment,” David said during the game show. “We’re gonna win this thing the Bernie way, which means if I lose, I’m going to bring everyone down with me.”

When it was Sanders’ turn to guess the price of a washer and drier, David declared, “The real problem in this country is American consumerism, who needs a washer? When I need to wash the one suit I own I just wait until it rains, I stand outside for 15 minutes, and I jog behind a bus until the exhaust dries me off.”

Liam Hemsworth also made a guest appearance during the skit, playing himself beside brother Chris (played by Alex Moffat) and a contestant from the crowd, played by fiancée Cyrus.

The show continued to get political with a digital short mocking Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ recent press conference where she explained Trump’s newest tax plan with an elaborate metaphor involving journalists drinking beer in a bar. Huckabee Sanders, played again by Aidy Bryant, reenacted Demi Lovato’s hit song “Confident,” asking reporters as she avoided their questions and lied about answers, “What’s wrong with being confident?”

Additional lyrics changed from Lovato’s original included the line, “So you say that I’m a puppet, that I must be out of my mind, but all y’all media can stuff it,” as reporters asked the White House Press Secretary about Donald Trump’s sexual harassment accusations, Paul Manafort’s indictment and John Kelly’s recent comments that the Civil War was a result of a “lack of compromise.”

During Weekend Update, Michael Che criticized Trump’s online response to Manafort’s indictment, saying, “Look, to be honest, I can’t read any more of this guy’s tweets. I’m tired of watching the President of the United States have an emotional breakdown on social media like he’s Tyrese. It’s embarrassing. Look, if you want to live tweet Morning Joe or Cupcake Wars or whatever it is that you watch, fine, but indictments are important and you work for us. So go put on your baggy suit, fold your hair nice, and answer our questions face to face like the public servant that you are.”

The bit was in reference to news earlier this week that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election resulted in indictments for President Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, on felony charges of conspiracy against the United States and other counts, as well as a guilty plea by former adviser George Papadopoulos to interactions between Trump campaign associates and Russian intermediaries during the campaign.

Eric Trump (played by Alex Moffat) and Donald Trump Jr. (played by Mikey Day), also made an appearance on Weekend Update, attempting to defend their father over the indictment.

“Who Mueller should be investigating is Hillary Clinton. As we learned from Donna Brazile, Crooked Hillary and company did some shady backroom deals with the Russians and tried to rig the election in her favor,” said Donald Trump Jr. during the skit.

“Just like dad!” Eric Trump replied, before his brother tries to shut him up by giving him a bucket of Halloween candy.

It was revealed this week that Brazile, who led the Democratic National Convention as interim chair after Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned, wrote in her new book that she found an agreement that “specified that in exchange for raising money and investing in the DNC, Hillary would control the party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised,” among other claims.

Comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish will host the Nov. 11 episode with musical guest Taylor Swift.

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